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Call for Panelists

Hidden Presence: Race and Religion in the Academy

Deadline: December 10th, 2021

Call for Papers to participate in open panel on race and religion in the academy at EASR in Cork, Ireland (June 27-July 1, 2022)


Past calls for papers, conferences and panels

Call for Papers

The Politics of Replacement Demographic Fears, Conspiracy Theories, and Race Wars

Deadline: May 31st, 2020

Discourses and conspiracies about national populations under threat of being overtaken or even wiped out by those considered as ‘alien’ to the nation body are on the rise, yet again. While we began investigating fears of ‘replacement’ in relation to Europe’s ‘Muslim Question’ today, we recognize replacement discourse as multiple and versatile, and unfolding in different contexts, and having different historical genealogies. We invite submissions that interrogate the different ways in which the discourse of replacement has been formulated and mobilized. Contributions might explore some of the following issues, but are not limited to them.

Call for Panelists

Council For European Studies 27th International Conference of Europeanists

Deadline: October 13th, 2019

The Race, Religion and Secularism network is calling for papers for a mini-symposium consisting of 3 sessions around the shared theme of Race, Religion and Secularism at the 2020 International Conference of Europeanists for the Council For European Studies 27th International Conference of Europeanists on Europe’s Past, Present, And Future: Utopia’s and Dystopia’s in Reykjavik, Iceland, June 22-24, 2020

Call for Papers

The Race-Religion Constellation: Entanglements in African Political Communities

Deadline: September 21st, 2019

With the objective of understanding the intersection/co-constitution of race and religion in the formation of systematic political practices of exclusion in colonial and postcolonial African political communities, and to develop a critical African philosophy of race that focuses on the intersection of race and religion, the Race-Religion Constellation Research Project invites scholars to submit contributions for this special issue.