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"You're Better Off Being A Dog Than A Refugee In This Country": Dis/Entangling Race, Religion, and Animal Politics in the Netherlands

Jung's research sits at the crossroads of critical race theory, Black Studies, postcolonial theory, animal studies, environmental humanities, gender studies, political ecology, and political sociology. Her work is thus profoundly interdisciplinary straddling both social sciences and humanities. She conducts multiple case-studies on contemporary political phenomena (e.g. Parliamentarian debates on religious slaughter) to disentangle the dynamics between race, religion and animal politics in Europe. As such her work builds on existing and ongoing research into the dynamics of gender and sexuality issues in relation to debates on migration, multiculturalism, and racism in Europe, and adds a novel perspective on the figuration of animals in these political debates and policy interventions. Ultimately, the doctoral research project is political sociological in nature.